Sunday, 28 October 2007

Noelia’s Sex Tape (Oh No! Not Another One!)

Here we go again… This is about Noelia’s ex, Jorge Reynoso publishing an explicit footage called “Noelia on video naked and in action” on his website. He even made a “limited time offer” to his visitors, so that they can watch it for $4.99. He, he…what a great marketer… There is another character involved in this story, Noelia’s dad, Topy Mamery. Topy was quite concerned about this “despicable act”; however, he also said that his daughter is entitled to claim the profits. I wonder what percentage of $4.99 she is entitled to claim in royalties. Imagine your own dad saying that?

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Wanda Nara and Karen Dejo (the trend started by Pammy)

Just as I thought to take a day off from the computer screen, a couple of news stories popped up, which really made me smile (smirk?). Two Latin American celebrities, Wanda Nara and Karen Dejo happen to be involved in a sex tape scandal. I bet not many people heard of these girls before. However, many remember a very similar story, which happened to Pamela Anderson some years ago. I guess, finally this trend caught up in Argentina and Peru. We applaud you Pammy for being a true A-Lister!:))